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You Are Here — Dimming the Red Lights in Turkey: Sex work has long been legal in Turkey, but the Islamist AKP government is taking steps to slowly and stealthily wipe it out.  A report from one of Istanbul’s last remaining brothels.  New York Times Magazine, August 2011.

Firebrand lawmaker fights for the rights of the disabled: Newly-elected opposition MP Safak Pavey is kicking heinie on disabled rights, starting the night of the elections, when she called out an AKP opponent’s empty rhetoric on national television. LA Times Middle East blog, June 2011.

Why Turkey is Backsliding on Women’s Rights: The ruling Justice and Development Party’s policies on women’s rights look great on paper, but feminists are disappointed at the lack of implementation, and horrified at Prime Minister Erdogan’s patriarchal rhetoric.

Turkey’s Many Disabled, Long Shunned by Society, Play New Role in Politics: Turkey’s 8.5 million disabled citizens have long been ignored by politicians and shunned by society.  In this year’s general elections, political parties running disabled candidates tried to appeal to this long-neglected sector of the population., June 2011

Is Rape Inevitable in War?: When the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced he was investigating mass rape by Libyan forces, one had to wonder: does conflict necessarily give rise to mass rape?  Several researchers have found predictors that go beyond the usual explanations., May 2011

Prominent During Revolution, Egyptian Women Vanish in New Order: How did the Egyptian Revolution go from equality-fest to sausagefest? I asked a dozen activists, analysts and women’s rights advocates who were in Tahrir Square to explain how the physical and political space once claimed by women disappeared so rapidly., April 2011

‘Miral’: Taking the Israel-Palestine Conflict Personally: An in-depth look at Julian Schnabel and Rula Jebreal’s film, Miral.  The story contrasts Schnabel’s blunt, heavy-handed telling of the story with the more subtle, intimate narratives told by people from the region. Published in, March 2011

Across the Great Divide to a Hollywood Ending: Palestinian writer and journalist Rula Jebreal met Jewish-American artist and director Julian Schnabel in Rome.  Love, and a movie, ensued.  The story of their new movie, Miral, and their new life together.  Published in the Wall Street Journal, March 2011

An Interview with Nawal El Saadawi: The great Egyptian feminist, prolific novelist and playwright, and all-around ass-kicking 80-year-old spoke with me about gender relations in Egypt, how the media covered the protests, and how to get authoritarian assclowns to stop being so assclown-y (answer: it’s hard.)  Published in The Nation, March 2011.

After the Mideast Uprisings, Will the Arab League Finally Lead?: The Arab League called for a no-fly zone in Libya.  Is this the first and only constructive thing it’s done in its 65-year history?  Published in, March 2011

Laugh, O Revolution: Twitter and Facebook, sure.  But Egyptians had an ancient weapon up their sleeve when it came to unseating Mubarak: their legendary sense of humor.  Possibly the most fun story to write, ever.  Published in, Feb. 2011

Minoui Reveals Sage of Yemen Divorce at Age 10: Profile of Delphine Minoui, Middle East Correspondent for Le Figaro and author of a book on Nujood Ali, the Yemeni child bride who demanded a divorce, Women’s eNews, July 2010

Naji Hamdan’s Nightmare: Investigates the torture and imprisonment of a Lebanese-American citizen in Abu Dhabi, allegedly at the urging of the United States government, published in The Nation, March 2010

Yes, We Speak Cupcake: How baked goods may be advancing America’s soft-power diplomatic strategy in the Middle East, published in the New York Times, Sept. 2009

Lebanon Snubs Women’s Nationality Campaign: The Lebanese government breaks promises to grant women equal citizenship rights, particularly the right to pass Lebanese citizenship on to their children, Women’s eNews, June 2009

No magic wand for Lebanon’s migrants: Arabic-language children’s books about the countries from which Lebanon’s domestic workers hail are not enough to combat rampant abuse, from the Guardian’s Comment is Free, May 2009

Onal Found Remorse Among Turkish “Honor” Killers: Men who’ve killed their family members expose the myth of “honor” killings, telling journalist Ayse Onal that their act has taken two lives: their victims’ and their own.  Women’s eNews, May 2009

Ayse Onal Shines Light on Turkish “Honor” Killings: Turkish investigative journalist Ayse Onal looks at the issue of honor killings – from the point of view of the killers. Women’s eNews, May 2009

Make Falafel, Not War: A chef unites Lebanon’s divided sectarian society around food, through a vibrant weekly farmer’s market, International Herald Tribune, Aug. 2007

Cairo Could Be Wrong City to Report Sex Assault: Sexual harassment and assault are on the rise in Cairo, but the government is loathe to acknowledge it. Women’s eNews, May 2007

Yemeni Activists Couple Contraception With Islam: Does Islam support reproductive rights?  That’s how Yemeni activists are spinning it, and it’s working — Yemen’s notoriously high birthrates are falling.  Women’s eNews, March 2007

Going to: Istanbul: Istanbul’s newly-opened modern art museum, new hotels and a vibrant energy made it a top destination in 2005.  Published in the New York Times Travel section, March 2005

Surfacing: European Style in North Africa: An Alaine Ducasse restaurant opens in Tunis, as well as recommendations for several other elegant places to drink and dine in Tunis, published in the New York Times Travel section, Dec. 2004


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